MSCHF Big Red Boot: Astroboy atterra nel mondo della moda!

MSCHF Big Red Boot: Astroboy lands in the fashion world!

MSCHF Big Red Boot are certainly one of the most interesting news in the fashion world. Inspired by the famous manga Astroboy , the collective of artists has managed to recreate the boots of the famous protagonist. These boots have caught the attention of many , so much so that they are only talked about and seen on social media. However, few have been able to get their hands on them, as their launch as pre-orders on February 16th saw an immediate sellout . Prices have already tripled from the $350 list price to $ 1,000 . In short, this gimmick definitely got MSCHF buzzed and piqued the curiosity of many, who are waiting to see what their next extravagant outing will be.

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