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February is a month that marks the beginning of a new season for the sneaker world. With a wide range of releases planned, many surprises await you: from exclusive collaborations to new iconic colorways and themed packs . Stay tuned for February's best releases and don't miss your chance to snag your new favorite pair!

Nike Air Force 1 "Fresh" : Superficial beauty or true novelty?
The Air Force 1 'Fresh' looks new, but the quality and sole are similar to the older Air Force 1s. Let's focus on the real novelty, not the superficial beauty. The Air Force 1 'Fresh' remains an icon .

Tom Sachs x NikeCraft Brown : Campagnolo style 2023.
Chocolate brown tones and high-quality materials make these shoes a must-have for 2023. The real strength lies in the build quality, not just the aesthetics. Show off country style with the Tom Sachs x NikeCraft Brown.

Air Jordan 4 Craft : Frankenstein meets fashion.
The "Craft" series offers sneakers with an artisanal look , made with various materials and a new approach to the classic Jordan design. The Air Jordan 4 Craft is the fusion of Frankenstein and fashion.

Jordan 1 Low Union x AJKO : 50 Shades of Swoosh.
Nike focuses on the Air Jordan 1 Low this year, with white upper and leather , yellow labels and interchangeable swoosh in the collaboration with 'UN/LA'. Explore the 50 shades of Swoosh.

Air Jordan 4 Seafoam : Let's go back to 1988.
Nike takes us back in time with the new Air Jordan 4 Seafoam colorway, inspired by the first release of 1988. With quality materials and a clean design, they are a perfect choice for a winter look. Say goodbye to the usual boring and discounted colors with the Air Jordan 4 Seafoam.

Air Jordan 1 '85 Black White : Old hits rediscovered.
Nike goes further with the bold black and white colorway. Versatile and perfect for any outfit, Nike plays it safe with this release.

Bad Bunny x Adidas : The singer becomes a designer.
Bad Bunny surprises with his sneaker design, proving that he has a hidden talent in the field of fashion. Will he be the next artist to dominate the fashion world?

Nike Valentine's Pack : Sneakers to celebrate love or single life.
Perfect shades to celebrate Valentine's Day, whether you are in a couple or single. A Dunk Low and an Air Force 1 in brighter colors to make us feel better.

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