Kanye West e Adidas: un possibile ritorno?

Kanye West and Adidas: a possible return?

During the last months of 2022, the collaboration between Kanye West and Adidas has come to an end in a public and noisy way. Initially it seemed that Kanye himself wanted to terminate the contract, however later some episodes of anti-Semitism by the rapper emerged, including declarations of praise towards Adolf Hitler. These utterances have obviously aroused a lot of controversy and Adidas , which could not allow such behavior to go unnoticed, has decided to interrupt the collaboration with the American rapper. According to some reports, Adidas thus obtained the rights to the Yeezy shoe catalog and could freely decide on their use.

However, the split with Kanye West left Adidas with a sizable stash of $520 million worth of unsold Yeezy shoes, which still featured Kanye's logo. Not being able to sell them as they were, the German company found itself in a difficult situation, with an estimated loss of more than $1 billion in revenue for the current year. To address this issue, rumors have been circulating on social media regarding a possible temporary deal between Kanye and Adidas to sell the remaining shoes. According to some sources, Adidas has already started to reuse the design of Yeezy shoes without Kanye's logo, but this was not enough to recover the invested amount.

In this context, the temporary agreement with Kanye could represent an important opportunity for Adidas. The idea is to allow the company to sell the remaining shoes, paying a royalty fee to the rapper for using his brand. However, there is currently no official confirmation from Adidas or Kanye West. Complex has revealed that it has received information from some sources that indicate that the deal is under negotiation, but at the moment there is no official news. In any case, if the deal goes through, it could represent an important solution for Adidas and an opportunity for Kanye to make money from the sale of the remaining shoes.

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